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Workflow Mgmt

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e-Form Designer

e-Form Designer

FlexWorkflow RX enables you quickly create dynamic online forms with a graphical interface. You can build any forms to meet your business need. With mobile-ready, you can capture data on anytime, anywhere and on any device to maximize efficiency.

Workflow Designer

Unlimited workflow processes enable you to rapidly design and run any business process to cope with business growth.  FlexWorkflow RX will then generate and automatically assign tasks to users based on the hierarchy structure.

Workflow Designer
Tracking & Monitoring

Tracking & Monitoring

FlexWorkflow RX ensures every process runs well. Management have greater visibility into business operations. Automate email will also alert when a new task assign to you. 


In addition, you can easily store, retrieve and comment all related documents in e-format for traceable decision-making and tracking purpose. 

System & Devices Integration

FlexWorkflow RX can be integrated with most of the popular application servers and databases available in the market today, which may increase efficiency and effectiveness in your processes.

System & Devices Integration

Work Smarter with FlexWorkflow

Work Smarter with FlexWorkflow

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